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About SPAC

Since its inception, Suetrak Pacific Air-conditioning Co., Ltd. has been engaged in the manufacture, sales and service of various types of air-conditioning .The air-conditioning system with the idea of “excellent quality of durable, warm and intimate service, plain and reasonable price”. And actively develop new markets and a variety of products to meet customer needs, has access to a number of patented parts. The manufacturer were have the professional manufacturer of ISO 9001: 2015 quality certification.

With the Government to save energy and carbon pollution policy, commitment to electric bus air-conditioning research and development in long-term, is currently the only electric bus air-conditioning manufacturing suppliers. The direct and special maintenance plant all over the province’s, we are on duty all year and to provide the best after-sales service.

Excellent and durable quality
Enthusiastic service
Reasonable price


  • Provide the original standard parts, compressor three-year warranty (original maintenance warranty)

  • Unit parts high common in use, reduce the use of unit parts and inventory

  • Delivery quick, improve vehicle utilization

  • Pricing transparency and discounted

  • High self-made rate, and the price is reasonable

  • Low failure rate, less warranty fee, and offers reasonable price to customers

Our service

  • Over 20 direct and special service branch, free service line 0800-617-999

  • Production plant material sufficient to provide a complete preparation, no need to waiting for the material.

  • Complete warranty record, pro – actively to follow up and take care , and provide a complete maintenance training courses to improve the quality of maintenance.

Test Report

Through the Industrial Technology Research Institute of Energy and Resources Institute of qualified.